Aberdeen Water Sports Complex

     This complex is located in Aberdeen Jetty.  Facilities for safe and adventure water sports are available. Rowing boats, pedal boats, Kayak’s aqua cycle, Water scooters, Para sailing, Sail boats, wind suffers, Speed boats, Bumper boats and Glass bottom boats are available here for viewing under marine water rides.  Saline water swimming pool, change room and food plaza are near this complex.

Anthropological Museum

     This Museum is located in Phoenix Bay which is near the Directorate of Tourism. We can see the Paleolithic islanders and their models of Houses and tools.

Car Nicobar

     It’s of 16 hours journey by sea from Port Blair.  This is the head quarters of Nicobar District.  This is a flat fertile island which is covered with a cluster of coconut palms and enchanting beaches. The huts of Nicobari’s built on stilts having entrance through floor with a wooden ladder. They are unique to this island.

Chidiya Tapu

     It is 25 km from Port Blair by the road.  This is the southernmost tip of South Andaman.  Chidiya Tapu is an ideal picnic site; because of the lush green mangroves numerous chirping birds and he sylvan sands and the Munda pahar beaches are admiring our minds.

     The forest guest houses are situated at the top of a Hillock.  It provides a fabulous view of isolated islands, submerged corals and the breath taking sunset.  Tours are available from Andaman Teal House; which is in the Port Blair.


     Rose and Smith the twin Island are just 30 minutes journey from here.  Boat services from Port Blair will reach Aerial bay Jetty, which is very near to places like Diglipur and Kalighat.

Fisheries Museum

Fisheries Museum

     It’s situated near Andaman Water sports complex.  This museum exhibits species of Marine life.  They are peculiar to the islands found in the Indo Pacific and the Bay of Bengal.  It is closed on Wednesdays and National holidays.

Indira Point

     It is the southernmost tip of India.  This lies in the trip of the Campbell Bay.  This point is considered as the boundary of Nicobar just 60 miles away from Indonesia.  We can see the movements of turtles and crocodiles in the shores of the Campbell Bay.


     It is of 425 km by sea from Port Blair. This is a tiny Island in the Nicobar group.  This island heralded the new millennium with first sunrise on 1st January 2000.  We can see the beautiful beaches at the East bay and admiring one is the Jhula at West bay.

Madhar Baba Durgah

     It is located on the way to Corbyn’s Cove.  Everyday this Durgah shines with a festival look and a grand gathering, as people belonging to all caste and creed visit and worship.


     It is of 75km by road and of 20km by ferry and road from Port Blair.  This place is a trekking area on North eastern side of Mount Harriet.  It’s an Exotic beach, and elephant lumbering are the most interesting part of the trek.

Gandhi Park

     This park is located at the Port Blair.  It Provide amusement rides, Safe water sports, Nature trail around the lake, garden, restaurant and historic remains like Japanese Temple as well as Bunker are the attractive ones.  The Dilthaman tank supplies drinking water to Port Blair.  The area around it has been developed into Gandhi Park within a short time of 13 days!

Marine Park

     It is near Aberdeen Jetty.  This is an Amusement Park with a lot of rides, a toy train.  Marine Park is a suitable place for family picnic and evening relaxation.

Middle Strait

     It is one of the harbors in the Islands.  This Island is between Jigattan and Middle strait harbor.  One can have a glimpse of the Jarawa tribes occasionally because of the Andaman trunk road.  It is prohibited to take photographs with them, going near them and offering food or any items to them.

Mini Zoo

    This zoo is situated at Haddo, Delanipur chatham road.  Houses, some of the rare species of endemic birds and animals are found in these Islands.  It is closed on Mondays.

Sippighat Farm

     Sippighat Farm is of 14km from the Port Blair.  This is a lovely government farm; this in an area of 80 acres sprawls.  Some spices like cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, coconut, and pepper are cultivated here.  Research and Demonstration farm of the central Agricultural Research Institute is nearby.

Traffic Park

     This park is near the Aberdeen Jetty.  It lies beside the marine park.  The traffic rules and road safety are explained to children.

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