Badami Caves Pleasures in India

Badami Caves Pleasures in India

Badami Caves: Karnataka is a very ancient Indian state and is a land of culture, tradition and fascinating landforms. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of being a part of a journey that would take you to the caves in the region.

The Badami Caves are one such tourist’s attraction here in Karnataka which fills your travel kitty with the best possible excitement and the most innovative travel memories. So come here to the picturesque locales of the Badami Caves and enjoy the lovely landscape situated at the mouth of a ravine. With two rocky hills forming the mainstay of the caves, this is very famous for its lovely cave temples. The fact that these temples have been brought out of sandstone on the top of a hill makes tours here more intriguing.

Badami Caves in india

Badami caves With an interesting blend of old cave pleasures and beautiful lake surroundings, the region of Badami certainly provides you with the most mesmerizing sights and the most valuable ancient temple views. So come here and enjoy the tours around the Hindu caves, the Jain cave beauties and the lovely museums in and around this place. Enjoy the pleasure of being here and as you reach the third cave belonging to Lord Vishnu you would be struck by their sheer grandeur and would find this the most ornamental too.

There is a reservoir here which is in front of the cave temple and the whole area has many such temples totally dedicated to Lord Vishnu and also Shiva. So come here and enjoy praying in the Bhutanath temple which gets its name from the lake beneath the temples. Anyone coming here would certainly get enchanted by this lovely experience here.

Bhutanath temple his group of cave temples are located in the district of Bagalkot in the northeastern part of Karnataka in India. They are a great example of the rock-cut kind of architecture which are the main features here. This was the early Chalukya capital and they ruled this place in the 6th to the 8th centuries. The water from the ravine flows into the tank here and the cave temples form a great travel attraction in this part of the world.

The Badami Caves have in all four caves. These caves are all carved out of the sandstone that is found here. These are on a high cliff, and the planning layout is very simple here. There is a verandah at the entrance which is called he Mukha mandap and it has stone columns and also brackets. Then there is a very majestically built columned mandapa which is the main hall. Then there are smaller shrines which are the garbagriha and the sanctum sanctorum and these cut deep into the cave. The cave temples show the representation of different sects and form a major form of tour pleasures here in this part of the land.

Badami Caves

Two caves are devoted to Lord Vishnu and there is one cave that is devoted to Lord Shiva. The fourth cave is a Jain temple and the whole layout of the cave is a lovely way of ensuring you get the best travel delights.

Lord Vishnu

Dating back to the years 600 and 700 CE there is a certain blend of North Indian Nagara Style of architecture with the South Indian Dravidian Style. This is seen in each of the caves and the intricate carvings, which form a part of the cave culture give the utmost ecstatic views to all those interested in these fascinating cave locales. The script used here is the Kannada script and there is something very natural about the Badami caves and one must surely include it in his travels across the State of Karnataka. Another interesting feature is a Buddhist temple that is visited only on all fours.

With all this in tow, a visit to the Badami caves becomes imperative in your tours in Karnataka. With their ability to charm and intrigue the tourist, the caves are certainly an ideal travel experience and a greatly enlightening lot.

Badami Caves in india

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