So you have decided to spend the next holidays in the serene and romantic environment of Goa. Well, certainly a good idea of celebrating holidays in the most fascinating way. Getting an affordable tour package is the right way, but it is also important to have knowledge how to reach Goa and what is the best time to visit Goa. Here is a short note about the best time to visit Goa India.

According to tour and travel experts, which is the best time to visit Goa is from October to May.

Summer – from March to May – Sea Breeze Welcomes You

From the month of March to May, Goa is hot; while sea breeze offers comfort to the heat. In summer temperature can reach up to 40°C. It is advisable to avoid visiting Goa in summer.

Monsoon or the Rainy Season – Pleasant and Romantic Weather to Celebrate Holidays

From June to September, Goa witnesses heavy rainfall. During Monsoon, lush greenery, rural holiday and festivals, and chirping of birds attract tourists to visit Goa.

Winter – The Perfect Season and the Best Time of the Year to Visit Goa

November to February is the winter time that is the pleasant time to visit Goa. Exploring sea beaches and lying on the sands of beaches cannot be compromised with any tour experience. The temperature downs to 15 degree Celsius. For water sports, sightseeing and Goa tour, winter is the best time.

March to May is also a good time, but it is a little bit warm. However, for those looking for quiet and serene environment, it is the best time to visit Goa. In winter season, different festivals are organized and celebrated by the people

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