Bodh Gaya

Located in the north Indian state of Bihar, Bodhgaya is a magnificent tourist destination as well as an important pilgrim centre for the Buddhists. It earns much of its claim to fame from the fact that Buddha attained enlightenment here. For the Buddhists, it is an important religious site and every year is visited by a large number of devotees. The main attraction of this town is Mahabodhi temple which is positioned near the spot where Lord Buddha attained spiritual enlightenment. It is also an important center for the study of Buddhism. The major tourist attractions of Bodhgaya are the various Buddhist monasteries and Mahabodhi tree. The Mahabodhi complex is the place where Buddha meditated and attained Nirvana under the famous Bodhi Tree. It is a magnificent tourist destination for the peace seekers and declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

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