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Zanskar is the most confined valley of the Kargil District. Zanskar isn't your ordinary, average hilly landscape. The snow-and-ice scenes offer a feeling of puzzle and experience to each guest. You simply need to invest energy with a receptive outlook. As intersection an interstate pass is the main path in and it is by difficult to enter this Valley by street, the Government is clearing away and laying a street along the Valley of the Zanskar River which associates the District Administrative Center - Padum to Nimmoo on Leh-Kargil street. Zanskar is well known for Zanskar which streams in the northeast locale. Zanskar is a wonderful spot to visit and in the event that you need the best visit bundle for Zanskar, at that point we at Jammu Kashmir the travel industry will make the best visit bundle for you.

Zanskar River in Ladakh min

Area: Subdistrict or tehsil of the Kargil region, in the eastern portion of J&K state.

Best Time To Visit: May to October. Winter is ideal for experience sports.

Meet the tough mountain people and experience the outrageous winters in this delightful trans-Himalayan valley-Zanskar. Sustained by the well known Zanskar stream, the locale includes a for the most part Buddist populace. With enhanced geographical highlights, Zanskar-'the genuine Shangrila' covers a zone of around 7,000 km sq (at a stature of somewhere in the range of 3,500 and 7,000 meters from the ocean level). Individuals love to visit Zanskar (the copper star) for its whitish copper, utilized for making vessels for religious and local purposes. It isn't just a religious city; or one that provides breathtaking scenes, however, its fine art additionally draws a large number of visitors each season. In winter, when the Zanskar waterway gets solidified, it gives a standout amongst the most testing and slippery treks.

Significant Attractions of Zanskar

One of the significant attractions in Zanskar is experience sports. The Zanskar stream is a perfect goal for waterway boating in summers, and in winters, as the stream solidifies, individuals change over to skiing.

Subsequent to entering the Pensi-la valley, you will go to the glorious Drang-drung icy mass. This grand ice sheet, the wellspring of the waterway Stod, is viewed as the greatest icy mass of the Himalayan locale, outside the Siachen arrangement.

Penzella Pass, of charming magnificence, partitions the Zanskar valley and the Suru Valley. It is perfect for outdoors and is regularly utilized by voyagers and transient individuals. In summers, when the snow dissolves, it offers an incredible perspective on extraordinary vegetation.


As you stroll through the lower area of these valleys, you may discover thick vegetaion containing snow-capped, tundra and blue poppies. Knolls are loaded up with Edelweiss. With regards to agribusiness, the yield primarily comprises of grain, lentils, potatoes and apricot. High elevation regions are known for an assortment of blossoms, including the rarest types of Aconitum Violacium (utilized in medications).


Lying on the Northern flank of the Great Himalayan Range, Zanskar is a semi-desert region. The air stays warm and dry in the mid-year. The winter temperatures here are among the most minimal in the nation, falling underneath 0 degrees.


Zanskar offers a couple of sumptuous vacationers and efficient edifices. Remaining in camps or tents is amazing knowledge. There are just a couple of inns, accessible at sensible costs. In the event that you need to remain for quite a while, cloisters and townhouses are the best alternatives.

Step by step instructions to Get There

You have to cross a few high passes to achieve this Shangrila. Regardless of whether you fly in or touch base via train, you have to take a transport/taxi from Srinagar or Jammu, individually, to reach Zanskar by the street.

Alternatives for sustenance and shopping are not excessively incredible. You may discover a few dhabas which serve bona fide Kashmiri nourishment. There are just a bunch of shops accessible from where you can purchase a constrained assortment of handiwork things. Be that as it may, the spot is extraordinary regarding common beauty and experience sports. Make your occasions an important one by visiting this trans-Himalayan valley.enquire-now

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