Eastern India Travel Tips

Eastern India chiefly comprises of the erstwhile capital of India, Kolkata and its adjoining areas and provinces. The heart of eastern India lies though in the cosmopolitan consciousness of Kolkata. The city is blessed with a culture and a pace that is most naturally blended towards a tourist’s internal energy, the city can be termed laid back at times, at other times, it is moving like a well-groomed ox. It depends which part of the voice of city you want to capture. Once in eastern India, your first attraction is Kolkata and there are more reasons to stamp the theory than the hair on the brow.

Indian Museum in Kolkata is a treasure trove of India’s past. It is where you would find coffee sipping foreigners letting loose on their academic stream. Lately, many arcades, shopping feasts and expansive theaters have opened around the city too. The Victoria Memorial is a treat to the eye. Its grandeur makes it look like a streak of fire on the corona of Sun. The massiveness of its build and the symmetry of its stones make it look like a suspended poetry.

India is the only place where state supported trams still run. A few heritage trams are added for foreigners recently. Yes, the traffic snarls in the city are back breaking and on the day of rallies the artery is completely blocked. The Writer’s Building is the political heart of the place and it is where many of the decrees are passed out. The political climate is steaming hot within its premises. Talking of the climate, Kolkata faces a maritime climate owing to the influence of Bay of Bengal. Kolkata is where the smug culture of Adda or post-work meetings on alleys and lanes is still prevalent. It is a reminiscence of good old times and certainly adds to its culture. The voice of the city is of helpfulness and gaiety.

There is a lot to see around Kolkata too. Digha is a visiting place around Kolkata. It has the expanse of Bay of Bengal to keep the tourists in fine spirits. The food is welcome and the sea fishes are a treat once you soak in the smell. The other aspect is the ethnic spicing of the food. If Kolkata is the shining armor of Bengal, adjoining Orissa is also represented well by a few cities. Puri in Orissa is the place just right for the spiritually leaned. Its one of the four pilgrimage centers of India. The Rath Yatra at Puri brings in a crowd swell of more than 5 lacs. Sun temple in Konark is poetry in stone. Tourists are awe-inspired by its brilliance and it’s difficult to fathom the weight of this work.

It’s best to look through state subsidized deals for visiting the stretches of Orrisa. The transport provided is up to the mark and the guidance received is also well worth the salt. It’s wise to compare the deals and also may be look at the virtual domain to find out what may be the best option to travel. Testimonials and reviews always help.

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