General Advice On Some Important Items

As a tourist it is shall be advantageous if you are aware of certain things while on a trip to India. The foremost important thing that you need to take care of is money. You need to get your currency converted into the Indian Rupees, for convenience, since only very upscale shops and places allow you to pay in your original currency. Do remember and collect the certificate of encashment once you exchange the notes. You need to keep scanned copies of all permits, passports and related documents saved as a soft copy as you could lose them, if carrying them with you.

Extend the covers of all your insurances, safety as well as the medical, to cover the costs incurred on any such thing while visiting India. Carry the copies of all these with you. Carry prescriptions if you need nay over the counter medications, in India. Never trust any unauthorized person to get some important or technical work done for you as they try to take advantage of your ignorance, and cheat you into a deal that is rarely done. However, this does not mean that Indians are not trustworthy. They are one of the friendliest races in the world and take their visitors seriously.

Research well into what kind of clothes you need to wear. Mostly bring light clothing. Except in the winter months, that is, November to end of January, the weather is humid and hot in most Indian states. Carry ample deodorants and roll ons, since you will be sweating profusely owing to the climate in India. Carry a map of the local area you are visiting for your convenience. In case you need to ask for directions, ask some person who appears knowledgeable. Many young people have a tendency to play pranks with tourists. Beware of such people. A guide book from a reputed publisher too shall come in as extremely useful.

Do not get overtly friendly with a person you simply meet for a matter of minutes. Choose the hotel you put up in, with care since there are many inexpensive hotels that have bad services and are not worth staying at. Be prepared to deal with the problem of mosquitoes in India. Purchase a mosquito repellant from any shop. In case you happen to know some one in India, take his or her aid, in choosing your hotel or guest house, instead of trusting word of mouth publicity. Make sure you ask clearly about what you are supposed to get at the charges you pay. Buy a translation guide so that you know some basic phrases in Hindi, the national language of India. However, Indians are well conversant in English as well, in most places.

While visiting temples, of both Hindu and Sikh kinds cover your head with a scarf or something similar. See how the locals are behaving there, and follow suit. Do not attempt touching the idol, if any, in the temple compound. For female travelers, it is suggested that you do not wear anything overtly western. Avoid anything above the knee since this leads to many awkward situations. Never display affection in public, if you are a couple, since this is considered morally inappropriate in India.

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