Goa People

Once you are in Goa you are sure to get greeted by very friendly, relaxed and exceptionally happy people. Though people residing in Goa belong to diverse faiths and cultural locale they all lay stress on good living. The legacy that the Portuguese have left behind for Goa people make it unique and distinct from the rest of the Indians. In Goa, both sexes enjoy equal status in all matters. This is the reason the local women and girls of Goa are confident with open thinking. They dress in western attire rather than the more tradition that is usually followed in India. The Goan men are swanky with happy go lucky nature. They offer hospitality to the core, which is usually cherished by tourist.
The rich culture of Goa makes it unique in many terms. A perfect amalgamation of different beliefs, arts and history make Goa a distinctive state. The state possesses mix culture influence as it has been under the dominance of Hindus, Muslims and Portuguese. Often portrayed as ‘The Rome of the East’, Goa has become the dream holiday destination. Goa is perhaps the most westernized of all the states in India as still, it showcases the effect of Portuguese. The majority of Goans is a very free spirit, easy-going in nature, who takes pleasure in following a typical tropical lifestyle. Food, dance, carnivals and Feni, are the lifelines of Goa people.

Goa Tourism