Gwalior Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide

Gwalior Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide

Gwalior Madhya Pradesh Travel guide:

History of Gwalior – Majestic city in Madhya Pradesh

Gwalior is one of the prominent cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The city is stratigecically Placed and is located approximately 320 Kilometers south of Delhi.   The state of Gwalior have been ruled by several important north Indian Kingdoms.   
The Tomar dynasty ruled the city in 13th century after which it passed on to the hands of Mughals and finally to the Maratha rulers followed by the Scindia in the 18th Century.  Gwalior have also played a important role in pre independence India where by British Army had occupied the fort and had used the fort to suppress Indian Mutiny which had spread in the adjoining region of Jhansi & Morena.  
When To Travel to Gwalior – Madhya Pradesh, India
The best time to travel to Gwalior would be from October till March when in India we have winters and temperatures would be hovering at around 12-14 degrees.

After March summer sets in and travelling to Gwalior would be quite tiresome though if someone is seasoned campaigner and is not disturbed by high temperatures which Gwalior records can try their luck.
How To Travel To Gwalior – Madhya Pradesh, India

Travel Distance by Air, Train, Road To Gwalior 

By Air Travel: Though Gwalior has airport, the most convenient way of travel would be by Trains . There are different trains departing all day long however the most convenient train to Gwalior is Shatabdi Express which is the fastest train in India & would reach Gwalior at 11.15 am leaving Delhi at 06.15 am. 
By Train Travel : Travelling to Gwalior by Shatabdi is the most convenient followed by Taj Express which departs Delhi at 07.30 am reaching Gwalior at 12.30 am. Though Gwalior has a airport there are no direct flight from Delhi or other state except from Mumbai however flights do not operate every day to Gwalior. 
By Road Travel: Anyone willing to drive to Gwalior can do so after visiting Agra which is another important & historic city neighboring Gwalior. The Total driving distance from Agra to Gwalior would be Approx.190 Kilometers & would be driving through another important city of Dholpur which has a magnificent Palace where one can have snacks /Lunch or enjoy the beautiful Palace which has now been transformed in to a hotel.
Accommodation Places to Stay & Food

There are numerous places to stay in Gwalior starting from 5 star Deluxe to heritage hotels as well as per the wish of the traveler. 

Usha Kiran Palace which is part of Jai Vilas Palace which is still the residence of the Scindia rulers is the most expensive hotel. Following Usha Kiran Palace there is another heritage hotel called Deobagh which happens to be outside the Gwalior city is a palace turned hotel with luxury stay for anyone who is willing to spend a fortune and be like a royal family. 
Other than these super luxury hotels everyone can find accommodation which suits his or her pocket. 
Though you find non-vegetarian food in Gwalior it is advisable to have vegetarian food as most of the people are used to vegetarian food and we have doubts about the quality of Chicken & Meat being cooked.

Places to Visit in Around Gwalior

Though Gwalior happens to be a destination of one day many do stay here for two or more days in order to explore the town.   The most important & prominent place to visit is the Gwalior fort which is on top of a hill & that it houses all the important places one needs to visit.   
The most important place in the fort is the Man-Singh Palace which is a spectacular architecture of the Tomar Dynasty. The whole place is made of three stores and houses some of the important places where King Man Singh use it as his official accommodation.   

Other notable places to see are the Saas Bahuki Mandir, Teli Mandir,  Gujrari Mahal and The Scindia School which is considered one of the best schools in India.   

Another important place of visit is the Jai-vilas Palace which was the residence of the Scindia dynasty and now turned into a museum.   These are the two main Attractions in Gwalior and other than that there is Tan sen Tomb,  the famous medieval singer followed by Surya Temple.   
For those who are willing to stay more than a day can explore Padavali as well as Mitavali which is approximately 40 Kilometers from Gwalior and one of the important places to visit.   In case some are willing to see the endangered Indian alligator (Gharial) can travel to Chambal which is approximately 70 Kilometers from Gwalior and is a full day excursion.

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