Hampi in North Karnataka located on the banks of Tungabhadra River about 350 kilometers north of Bangalore and 13 km from Hospet is spread over more than 25 square kilometers. It is growing into a very famous tourist hub because of its historical importance which goes back to the late fourteenth century. Hampi has various temples, monolithic structures, figures and monuments – all exhibiting rich Hindu architectural culture. The other tourist attraction are the Vittal temple, Virupaksha temple, and Kodandarama temple. Another tourist attraction is the House of Victory which was built to commemorate the victory of Krishnadeva Raya against the King of Orissa. The King’s Balance and the Queen’s Bath is also a tourist attraction. The Elephant Stables is a beautiful example of the blend of Hindu and Muslim style of architecture. Daroji Bear Sanctuary a rather new set up near Hampi in the eastern plains of Karnataka has proved a home for the Indian Sloth Bears.

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