India: The Incredible Destination Of The East

The land that is associated since ages with an enigma and a charisma, which stems from a culture that is starkly different from that of the western world, India is one destination globetrotters would love to visit before their deaths. A land which worships a monkey god, yet believes in partying with spicy food, India is a totally different experience in all. A land where diversity greets you at every kilometer, it is a tricky job picking up the places in India that are a must see. However, since each zone has something great to offer, it will be wise if you start your trip from the north and end with a southern city. Here are a few cities that you would relish having visited on your tour to India. The choices are different and are bound to make you know what the real India actually is.

Amritsar: A city that is a lovely amalgamation of all that India is famous for: food, drink, religion and dances; Amritsar is located in northwestern India, in the province of Punjab. Carry back lovely silks and carpets as mementos of your trip to the city. Amritsar falls on the Asian highway, and is well connected by road, rail and air to all parts of the country. Retaining an old world charm, Amritsar is well known for the Golden Temple, the holiest of places in India, which is the shrine of the Sikhs, a religious creed in India. It is famed for its gold plated dome. Also famed is the pool of nectar which surrounds it, and gives the city its name. The Jallianwala Bagh is a memorial that commemorates the massacre of Indians by the British General Dyer during the pre independence era. There are numerous forts like the Anandgarh Fort and the Lohagarh fort, Durgiana temple, Ram Tirth and several museums, tombs and other historical places abound.

Kolkata: The city in east India, Kolkata is the largest Indian metropolis and one of the largest cities in the world. A city that is truly cosmopolitan in all aspects, Kolkata is an intellectual centre. Major tourist attractions include the Botanical gardens, Zoological gardens, the Victoria Memorial, the Indian Museum, the Temple at Kalighat, Jain temple, and the famous cantilever Howrah Bridge. Add to this countless modern malls and restaurants, and you have a city that actually breathes. Meet people from all walks of life here and be ready to come across warmth, with a capital W.

Hyderabad: The historic city in southern India, Hyderabad is well known for its lip smacking cuisine and its other hotspots. Tourists would be keen to visit the Charminar, Hussainsagar Lake, Ruins of the fortress of Hyderabad at Golconda, Mecca Masjid, several Tombs of Rulers, and the Salar Jang Museum. An erstwhile princely state, the city still retains its royal flavor and is actually a mere initiation for into what the rest of India has up its sleeves for her visitors.

The choice of the three cities is made so that all three can be as different an experience as possible. Since all states of India have their own uniqueness, it is a pretty tough compilation.

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