Indian Food Tips: What You Need To Know
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Indian Food Tips: What You Need To Know

Indian Food Tips:- The best thing that India has to offer its visitors is its unique food that is famed as the best all over the world. Spicy and aromatic are the easiest ways of describing Indian cuisine. Since India is a huge country, every corner of it, has its own distinct cuisines, so for a foreigner it becomes pretty difficult to understand the intricate details about Indian food. Here are a few tips that would come in handy for any visitor to India.

Be prepared to taste food that might be too oily and spicy for your taste buds. Since Indians love frying their food and prefer a lot of flavors, the food at times appears very strong for non Indians. Never eat up too much of anything all at once. Eat slowly so that you realize what is suitable for you so that you do not have health problems. In quality restaurants, the food is well cooked and hygienic, but try and avoid eating from the road side stalls or food vendors. Though the Indians might not have a problem with these, but as an outsider they might not be the best choice for you.

Indians eat with their hands so do not be wide eyed at this aspect. Spoons and forks are available though it is suggested that for authentic dishes, try eating in the Indian way. Never use your left hand for eating purposes. Make sure that you do not eat casually from any other person’s plate, since this draws stares in India. Do not be surprised if you are asked to sit on the floor in any house for having food. This is a customary practice in India, and nothing to think much about. Make sure that you drink mineral or purified water since most tourists fall prey to the germs in water.

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Nowadays, food outlets like MacDonald’s and the like have infiltrated the Indian market too. However, do not expect the exact same taste like the original samples, as the foreign chains have also indianised there offerings. If you eat in a temple, make sure that you eat in a way so that the food does not get scattered in the surrounding places. Generally the food is served on banana leaves, which is a totally unknown experience for most tourists; therefore eat very carefully, since the leaves are not really as good as the dishes. Always wash your hands in water after finishing a meal, since Indians consider it poor manners if you simply use a tissue to wipe off the hands.

About 42 percent of Indian population is strict vegetarians so it shall be better to know if the place you are in has non vegetarian food available. Never ask for beef since in most areas that are predominantly Hindu, it is considered unholy. In case you are on your own, with no Indian friend or guide, ask the people in a casual manner about what kind of food to expect in that area. Never appear naive. The tips shall help you have an incredibly good experience in incredible India in all probability. Good luck and have a real taste of awesome India through its cuisine.

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