North India Tourism Tips

A cliche has always mud guarded India- it’s a land of diversity and wonderful travel destination. Its beauty apart from its diversity lies in the fact that it has been able to sustain it so well. India breathes a cultural pivot every moment. It is like knowing that art and life can co-exist and yet not smother the practical pace of existence. What is true for the bigger body is also true for the segregated chunks and thus North India also boasts of great diversity and beauty. It’s an amalgamation of many interesting virtues. There is something for every kind of tourist.

Those who desire to visit North India are suddenly encompassed by the greenery that they see. The fertile Punjab plains are earmarked for natural greenery. The adjoining plains of Uttarakhand are soothing to the eyes too. Rajasthan is where the heap of cultural heritage is woven into daily life. The Samaritan culture along with the nomadic brilliance is best highlighted in these sandy desert stretches. The crown is bore by none other than Kashmir. Though the region has seen its political upheavals, it’s marked with beauty that is nearly unparalleled and reminds only of the mighty stretch of Alps in Switzerland.

There are a few tips that shall be followed for better understanding the places and also better savoring their cultural taste. For instance, it is always nice to be wedded to the culture completely once in Rajasthan. The long camel trips on the desert stretches get a greater meaning in Jaisalmer, Jaipur and in still more provincial arenas only when you get to dress like the indigenous people. It is noticeable that the food on offer becomes more delectable as you hit further down the belly of a Rajasthan village. The safaris can last longer with a guide. More generally, it is advisable to take help of a villager as he does not have fleecing on his mind and profiteering is not on his menu. He is driven by desire to show the foreigners a taste of his Rajasthan.

Kashmir is dotted with an expanse of flora that is like balm to the tiring eyes. The Tulip festival in Kashmir is quite a winner and more than 200000 tulips bloom in the orchards put on show. It is not still what Kashmir is known for. The stretches of Gulmarg, Sonmarg, Khelgaon and others are dotted with snow capped ranges that make the place a superb visit. The people are industrious and very hospitable. Yes, it is important to cut through their outer shy selves through an affectionate push.

Punjab does not require a mention. Be it the golden temple for those leaned spiritually or the undulating stretches of Himachal that can be accessed through it (and its various hill stations like Kulu, Manali), Punjab wears many hats. The food is sumptuous and the curd shake (Lassi) is perhaps the best found in the planet. Yes, it is advisable again to understand the oily intricacy of the food and go slow on it. A little circumspection is not out of cards.

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