nubra valley in leh

    Nubra Valley

    Nubra Valley

    Nubra Valley is found 150 km far from Ladakh at a stature of around 10,000 feet above ocean level. The River Shyok which joins Siachan or Nubra River bifurcates into a vast valley that recognizes the Karakoram ranges from Ladakh. The valley which appears to be dry and infertile at first look is a noteworthy ranch place that is known for the district.

    The best time to visit Nubra Valley is from July to September. The most ideal approach to achieve the valley is, however, the Khardung La pass. The aeroplane terminal of Leh fills in as the closest airbase of the goal, arranged at a separation of 135 km. Plus, the nearest railhead to the valley is Jammu, which is arranged at a separation of 370 km. Jammu Kashmir the travel industry has given here all the data identified with Nubra valley and in the event that you any inquiries as a main priority or need to visit this delightful valley please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us whenever.

    Area: 150 km north of Leh, 10,000 ft over the ocean level.

    Most noteworthy Time to Check out: Summer, May to August.

    Looking for a sentimental slope station in the midst of greenery, best for encouraging get-aways? The valley of blossoms the Nubra Valley invites you utilizing the most flawless and most celestial greenery, ideal for your excursion break. The rich land from the Nubra valley, utilized for that development of grains and natural products, is sustained by the Shyok and Nubra Rivers. Famously named the plantation of Ladakh, Nubra valley offers an elegant perspective on yellow and pink wild roses in summer in addition to a floor covering of wild lavender inside the post-storm season. You’ll without a doubt be overpowered to see the Bactarian Camels (Shaggy twofold mound Camel) around sand ridges, Deskit and Samstanling religious communities and Khardung la Pass (18,380 ft above ocean level).

    Significant Attractions

    Diskit, set among the rising Himalayas and giving the grand take a gander at from the Leh valley, is nirvana for nature sweethearts. Essentially the managerial focus with the Nubra Valley, it is created on the edge of a desert on the Shyok-side valley. Wonderful and cool condition, the remarkable smell of smoky kitchens, goats, chang (nearby blend) and margarine tea structure the personality of this resting place

    Widely varied vegetation

    The valley of blossoms is mainstream for your extraordinary collection of verdure, arranged in 19 spread classes (11 vegetation sorts and 8 non-vegetation classifications). Around 78-80% of plant species in Nubra are confined to the valley bottoms. You can discover in excess of 414 types of vascular plants, which have a place with 56 families and 202 genera. The valley is very mainstream for an assortment of blooms. You are going to scarcely locate any wild creature species here.


    Albeit one can watch land assorted varieties inside the atmosphere in the valley, the environment is hotter than that of Leh.


    There are different spending lodgings and fine settlement bungalows about the valley. These are very much outfitted with all kind of essential conveniences and give an eye consoling see of scenes outside. The Deskit town gives Guest Houses and lower spending lodgings.

    Instructions to Reach

    You have to procure a taxi that will take you to Nubra valley by means of Khardongla (around 50 km from Leh). This is the most astounding engine capable street on the planet (18380 ft.).

    The spot does not offer a lot to look for, or something like experience sports, however, is very serene and quieting. The serene harmony and isolation alongside the sound in the sputtering stream make you feel as though you will be very the paradise.

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