Periyar National Park Safari Travel Guide

Periyar National Park Safari Travel Guide

Periyar National Park Safari
The Periyar National Park was established in 1950 and is named after the Periyar River. One of the renowned wildlife sanctuaries in the south, Periyar is located in the Idukki district and extends over an area of approximately 250 square kilometres. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is without a doubt one of the two reserves, where one can meet the great Indian elephants in their normal habitat. The wild is quite identified for that tusk and much fewer elephants.

Periyar National Park Safari

An additional attraction of its nature is its splendid Periyar Lake in the middle of the sanctuary, surrounded by the scenic wildlife near the border of Tamil Nadu in Kerela, a captivating sight. This reservoir twists through the curves in the dense mountainous forest, offering a constant supply of water for its wildlife.

Periyar National Park Safari is found across the Cardamom Hills of the Western Ghats, 137 km from Madurai. It is bordered by dense evergreen and moist forests, with extensive meadows on the upper slopes.

Main views

Wonderful Indian elephant, a real attraction
One can enjoy the view of playful elephants inside the Periyar national park safari, whose current population is about 800. The Periyar reserves are the virtual celestial house of elephants that tends to make an excellent wildlife sighting and remains the most important attraction. The herds of happy wild elephants have made Lake Periyar their favourite place to have fun in the water, exactly where they can be seen bathing and swimming.

Wildlife Attraction

In addition to the elephant, wild animals are home to numerous species selections, the most generally discovered are gaur, sambar, bison, deer, Nilgiri, languor, panther, leopard, bear, jungle cat, small Indian civet and macaque Malabar squirrel. The sanctuary also enjoys a large number of its aerial population along with the reptiles. The tiger and the leopard can also be observed once the bodies of water dry up and these elusive mammals reach the river to quench their thirst. Currently, there are approximately forty tigers within the reserves.

Lake Cruiser trip

The wonderful lake made its way through the dense forest of Periyar, at the foot of the hill. The lake serves as a reservoir of water for its wild animals during the sharp summers and as an exuberant floor. Despite taking a boat cruise on the lovely lake, enjoy the views of elephants, gaur, sambhar and I can even spot tigers. The best months to visit the park are from October – April. The ideal moments for the cruise will be sunrise and sunset.

Elephant / Jeep Safari

Elephant safari

Elephant rides and jeep safaris are easy to obtain to discover good nature. The trip on an elephant is much more to see that the boat trip. The forest can also be seen from the watchtowers erected inside Periyar Jungles.

Excursion to tribal town

Tribal villages located around Periyar make a fantastic excursion. The tribal peoples are professional fishermen and farmers. In addition, stick to their traditional practice of accumulating honey from bees on dangerous hills. Another attraction is your tree house. These lodgings are the easy observation spot for any wild pig or elephant in Periyar that can damage the cultivated fields.

Kottayam -117 km, as well as the temple city of Madurai -140 km, are other excursions from Periyar.

Arriving in Periyar

The nearest airport is Cochin at 200 km and Madurai at 140 km.
The nearest railway station is Kottayam -114 km.
The sanctuary is well connected only by the street with some of the main cities of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
You will discover immediate bus solutions from Kochi, Kottayam, Thiruvananthapuram and Madurai. The main bus stop is in Kumily -3 km from where I can hire buses or metro taxis for many places.

Periyar National Park, Thekkady (Kerala) 

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