Preventing motion sickness with your children

It’s a great idea to hit the road and go on a car trip with your children. But one problem that is common when it comes to travelling on the road is that of motion or car sickness.

This basically happens when your vision disagrees with the movement you are experiencing and then gives you a bit of a sick feeling in your stomach. This can be a real pain for not only your child but for you as well, as you can suffer the trauma of having your child vomit in your car or having to constantly make stops so that your child can vomit or get rid of their sick feeling. So how can you stop motion sickness?

Well there are a few steps that you can take:

  • The first thing you should take into consideration iis the position in the car of the person in question. If it is possible then you should sit the child as close to the front as possible so that they can focus on other items that won’t create the feeling of motion sickness. Motion sickness can happen if your child can’t focus on too much and doesn’t have the ability to really look out of their window, so if it is possible have them seated in the front of the car. This though will obviously depend on their age as well as other travellers in the car at the time.
  • A great way to distract a child from motion sickness is to put them to sleep. If you can, you should try and travel early in the morning or late at night so that they are more than likely to fall asleep than they would during the day. If this isn’t an option then you should try your best to have them fall asleep during the journey so that they can take their mind off things when they are travelling in the car. Try and keep the noise in the car to a minimum if the child is trying to sleep and always make sure they are comfortable enough that falling asleep really isn’t an issue.
  • Another option is to get your kids to eat healthy. This of course is never an easy option at the best of times, but a healthy stomach with healthy food will help curb the sick feeling that your kids may have during a long trip and of course will be better for them in the long run. Don’t give them high fatty foods and mix them with other foods that have the potential to upset their stomach on the road. Ensuring they drink plenty of water too is important, so make sure you bring some extra bottles of water to help prevent it.

Preventing motion sickness is never an easy task and you should always remain wary of your children during a trip. Even if they claim to be feeling fine, the situation can change very quickly and before you know it you will have vomit in your car. Keep talking to your kids during the trip, make sure they feel fine, follow the steps we have provided and you will be able to enjoy a nice road trip with your kids and family!

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