The best fantastic road trip in India

The best fantastic road trip in India

A lot has been written about the pleasures of making a road trip, and only when I went for the first time was I really understood what Kerouac meant. There may be a lot to be said about the advantages of the fastest ways to go from A to B, such as the air route or the railroad, but for me, the only way to travel is, and has been, and will be, the ROAD TRIP.

Travel the highways savoring the air, enjoying the landscape at your own pace, making stops when you feel like it, bathing in cold waterfalls, stopping at dhabhas on the edge of the road to cool off, talking to friendly villagers, sleeping under the stars, these are just some the reasons why a road trip has always been my solution. When the pressures of life become excessive, I only get the car keys, take the roads and go to a random destination.

The key to a road trip is that, like life itself, the trip is as fun as the destination itself, sometimes much more, and as unforeseen, as you can do, that’s the fun part. The sheer randomness that constitutes any road trip, and the attractions that change every time you pass, the people you know, are all treasures that make any road trip an out-of-the-world experience, almost mystical.

The perfect way to explore India is by road, and nothing else can give you the immense joy that can be derived from the views at that level. Below are some of the most incredible trips I’ve made, along with information on how you can achieve it too. Throw caution to strong winds and take a journey that will change your life.

Highway Leh Manali

road trip

Among the best road trips in the world, the Leh Manali Highway is an incredible experience.

Last summer was when I took the legendary road from Manali to Leh Ladakh. Known as one of the world’s tallest and most remote highways, the Leh Manali Expressway was an experience like no other. Manali Some 295 miles through the high peaks of the Himalayas, this is a trip that became a test of endurance. I had some initial problems with altitude acclimation, but some medications I had taken helped me a little.

The road was a little dangerous, but the landscape more than made up for it, the spectacular views that I saw while on the road were truly paradisiacal. I passed through many charming villages, narrow passages through the mountains and some ancient Buddhist monasteries. I also met three babas (ascetic men of God) on the way. The insight and wisdom of these holy men surprised me since I could not understand how someone who lives in such a remote place could be so wise and wise. The trip was definitely out of the world and easily wins a prominent place on my road trip list.

Bangalore to Goa

There are two possible routes you can take when travelling from Bangalore to Goa: Via Belgaum or Via Shimoga. Both are almost the same distance. The Belgam route is more preferable, as I had heard that the Shimoga has pretty bad roads and the chances of landslides and other disadvantages. I took the N H 4 until Hubli left Bengaluru and headed towards Karwar. The coastal road of N H 17 goes to Goa. There were some detours that I had to take since some work was being done on the road, otherwise, the trip was excellent and also had some good views.

Shillong to Cherrapunjee

A really picturesque route, the road from Shillong to Cherrapunjee was in very good condition and covered approximately a distance of approximately 60 kilometres. Shillong Cherrapunjee Road had many beautiful views and the Cherra Bridge, which is halfway, is a good place to stop. There are some scenic places here.

Pune to Dedwana (Rajasthan)

A nice route if you want your pedal to reach metal, the Pune Dedwana Route is a really nice trip, preferably by bicycle. It overlooks many interesting and small cities and it’s really a great trip to get to know the taste of India. The route extended from Pune, going through Ahmednagar, Shirdi, Nasik, Bardoli, Surat, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, the city of Kuchamna and finally arrived at Dedwana. These small cities and towns were a truly excellent experience. The road from Kishangarh to Dedwana has two lanes and is extremely convenient. It is better to plan this trip since it is about 1575 kilometres.

Visakhapatnam to Araku Valley

Araku Valley

Visakhapatnam  also known as Vizag.  Vizag is one of the oldest port in the country. It is Located in the heart of andhra Pradesh. Vishakhapatnam has beautiful hill ranges, caves, Valleys, temples, park, museum and cool beaches. This district has many tourist spot that definitely be exciting and refreshing experience. This tourist spot represent the culture and heritage of true india. Vizag dotted with many beaches along its coastline. Vizag is a must visit tourist place in south india. Best time to visit here november to february.
Visakhapatnam to Araku valley road condition is excelent. you can enjoy the scenic beauty during the road trip journy.You can also travel by train.Vizag to Araku valley distance is 115 kms. In Araku valley the best interstic place is Bora caves.The best time to travel here is oct-march

Chennai to Pondicherry 

This is the most fantastic roads for travelling by car or motorbike. Chennai to Pondicherry distance is 150 km. This road is famous as the East Coast road. Total road condition is beautiful and nice. The best time to visit Pondicherry is oct to feb.

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