Southern India Travel Tips

Talking about southern India in the ambit of a single article is like showing a 10 km/hr wind to God’s fire and expecting it to be doused. However, in the capacity of this article we can make a small enquiry into what traveling in southern India may be like. South India is a magnificent place to be in. in terms of the grandeur of scale, relevance towards small frames, cultural vastness, beauty yet difficulty of language, different set of motivation of people and also the wide array of food and orientation that is so non-Indian, South India gets the booty of being prized. You rummage through India in whole and you would find a galactic similarity in culture, undertones and generic inferences. Move to South India and everything turns out to be aloof. As if the culture is different from what you saw elsewhere and yet in its beautiful under-dimensions, there is an aspect of unity that should be perceived and not gazed at.

The language is a huge barrier. Even for those living in other parts of India, it is like an Egyptian hieroglyphics. Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and the imminent Tamil are the languages of its four states Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu respectively. The whole belt of Telangana (meeting area of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu) is so well cultivated that there is no barren field in sight. It is a great tribute to the industrious attitude of the workers.

South India is marked with temples and places of visits that show it in a grand light of architecture. Whether it’s the Hoysaleshwara temple in Karnataka or the Meenakshhi temple in Madurai or the myriad other temples of Tamil Nadu, there is a poise which makes them poetry in stone.

The climate is maritime owing to the influence of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. As you go down south towards Kerala, the place gets attached to even greater moderation of climate. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in the sub-continent and it boasts of a fauna and flora as diverse as heaven itself. The backwaters of Kerala are soothing and are a delight to tourists who love the idyllic expanse of a vacation.

Those looking for quality food may be a little disappointed in south. It does not possess the delectable flavor of the north or the ethnic sumptuousness of east or west India. The food is a little dry. However, a few dishes have originated from the south and continue to make waves. Chicken Chettinad is a great example of this. While traveling in south it is important not to be fleeced by a few nefarious elements. It is not that they are on prowl but a few may take advantage of language barrier even if you have an approving colleague from other part of India.

Traveling through state subsidized transport is a great way to see all that might be brilliant in the major cities. The point where the south delves deep into the Andaman’s is a sight to behold even for the Gods.

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