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Goa Tourism

Goa Tourism :- Goa is a part of India that is rich in two combined cultures: Indian and Portuguese. Besides Goa’s culture being mixed, it is also a place characterized by beautiful sands t golden in color, palm trees, and other verdant greenery, not to mention elegant monuments and churches that speak of Goa’s interesting cultural heritage.

The state of Goa is said to be paradise to tourists, and is also sometimes referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. With Goa’s splendid beaches, many architectural wonders, quaint houses, and even Goa’s culture that’s rich enough to attract attention,Goa has become one of the favorite spots of travelers from many parts of the world. Part of the Goan culture is the belief that Goa was created by Lord Parshuram, said to be an incarnation of the Indian god Vishnu. Being a multi-hued state in terms of culture and beliefs, however, not all Goans practice Hinduism.

There are also communities within the state of Goa which consist of Catholics and Muslims. Making Goa quite distinctive from other Indian states. What’s best about Goa’s culture is the fact that the different communities within Goa have learned to respect one another. Making the Goa tourism enjoy various celebrations that have risen from the different religions such as Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi, Easter, and the likes. Aside from learning about Goa’s culture, other pieces of information about the state of Goa that one should remember are the following: Handicrafts are part of Goan lives. These are usually made out of palm leaves, shells, or coconut husks, and are usually in the form of flower pots and household decor. Goa also specializes in brass lamps, known locally as ‘samais’.

These handicrafts may be purchased as souvenirs of your trip to Goa. Goa’s weather is just right — not too hot, nor too cold. Though one can visit Goa anytime of the year, it is most recommended that you visit Goa during the Winter season, which is in fact, considered as the peak season for tourism. With over two dozen Goa beaches as well as a variety of adventure sports, plus beach parties, flea markets, etc., the state of Goa has come to be known as the destination for both vacationers and businessmen. Visiting Goa will surely be a pleasurable and educational experience as you learn to admire Goa’s culture, scenic spots, and breathtaking architecture.


Goa Beaches

Goa is synonymous to many things that are indicative of a life without worries and carefree measures. Be it the parties, the casinos, the flea markets or the waterfront shacks—Goa is to India what Ibiza is to the world. Here, we take you on a trail withal the weightier beaches in Goa. These places are varied in nature and a visit here will expose you to the weightier waterfront in Goa for family and weightier beaches in Goa for couples. (more…)

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