aims to provide you with as much information by letting you read personal experiences from people who have been to India and want to share their views and tips with you. It’s a great place for you to communicate with other travellers and find out what they recommend for your trip to the sub-continent

Find here:

  • travel advice from a wide variety of different people who have been to India many different times. You will also find first time Indian travellers who also have their own experiences to share.
  • the hottest places to visit as well as the best places to visit in certain times of the year. You don’t want to go somewhere and suffer heat stroke the whole time do you?!
  • the best ways to save money from our seasoned travellers. You will find the best places to go and how you can save on things such as entry fees and travel costs by doing a bit of bundling.
  • the best foods to eat and where to eat them. Indian food can be a very different thing to experience so our writers and contributors will help you when it comes to the best possible places to go and where to experience the best Indian cuisine during your trip.
  • areas for you to fill out should you have been to India and want to contribute! We always want to allow people to come to our site and let other people know what India is really like, so make sure that you come here and let us know so that our other readers can find out about your experiences.

We hope that this site over time can become the number one stop for all people wanting to go to India, so please keep checking back overtime to see our updates and to see what other people have to say about their travel experiences in India. And don’t forget too that you can also tell everyone about your experiences and why people should travel to beautiful India!

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