Travel To Tajmahal Of Agra City
Taj mahal of India

Travel To Tajmahal Of Agra City

History of Agra – The City of Taj Mahal

Agra stands out in Indian Tourism destination as one of the best and the most visited place in India.   This city is only known as because of Taj Mahal which is listed as the seventh wonder of the world.   Though the city is known largely for Mughal Empire the city came into existence much before and in Mahabharata we hear about saint Angira in 1000 BC mentioning it as one of the important cities.   However it is mentioned that sultan Sikander Lodi the ruler of Delhi Sultanate founded Agra in the year 1504 AD. After the death of Sikander Lodi , his son Ibrahim Lodi came to the throne in Agra until Babar who was defeating Indian rulers sat on the throne of Agra.   Agra became a city of prominence till Sahajahan shifted capital to Shahjanabad. Today Agra is situated in the state of Modern Utter Pradesh and is situated approx. 220 Kilometers from the Indian capital Delhi.

Time to Travel Agra City of Taj Mahal
Though the best time to visit Agra would be from October till March which is winter season in India and temperatures hovering at around 14-16 degrees which is pleasant however nowdays people are travelling to Agra all year around though in Summer the heat is unbearable. Agra is now considered a destination where people like to travel to Agra in the morning , explore the city and return back by night.   However this can be done by locals and as a tourist we would suggest that people visiting Agra to stay for a day visit & explore the city and then either retun back to Delhi or travel to Jaipur Via Fatehpur Sikri which is 220 Kilometers from Agra.   When any one is travelling to Delhi –Agra –Jaipur it is mentioned that he has travelled Golden triangle. This is because Agra as well as Jaipur are the prime attraction when you travel to India & this is what is least anyone can see in India if they have limited number of days in hand. 

How to Travel to Agra City of Taj Mahal

Agra can be reached from different parts of the country as is connected with railways as well as roadways.   Though there is a airport in Agra however there are not much flights as this airport is being used by the armed forces. The best way to travel to Agra is by road from Delhi which is approximately 220 Kilometers & road condition is one of the best & anyone travelling can reach with in 4 hrs flat.   
In case they want to travel by train the best would be Shatabdi Express which leaves Delhi at 6.05 AM & reaches Agra by 8.00 AM & this is the best as well as cheapest way to travel to Agra.   The next best train travelling to Agra is Taj Express which would be reaching a little bit late than Shatabdi express.   
In case anyone travelling from Jaipur can reach Agra by either Road which is in immaculate condition or by Train depending on the choice &budget.   Travelling by train is cheaper & easiest way to travel Within India.   As Agra is connected with major cities of India one can travel from any destinations which they want to. 

Tourist Accommodation Food & Dinning in Agra 
Since Agra have been under the Mughal & Muslim ruler the place is famous and a paradise for non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian food.   Though we find different types of kebabs as well as Birayani found in nook & corner of the city.   Anyone looking to try curry can do so in Agra , the famous Chicken Curry as well as different kebabs.   Another favorite sweet which is famous is Petha , very delicious and succulent and tasty. 

Places to stay in Agra for Tourist

Agra has all sorts of accommodation starting from the famous Oberoi Amar Vilas which is a super Deluxe hotel very close to Taj Mahal and one of the best hotels to stay provided you pay a hefty amount for your stay.   Other than that Fateabad Road is dotted with different class & category of hotels ranging from star category to normal budget category.   There are options of Home stay in Agra and that some of the home stay are really attractive and you pay very little with all basic facilities available. Other than the private accommodation there are couple of government owned accommodation which are excellent and well located. However the best accommodations are all located in the Fateabad road which is very close to Taj Mahal.

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