It’s always a hectic time whenever you decide to travel overseas and this can be particularly difficult when you have children with you. There are so many different things you need to account for and prepare for and you should always try and make sure you have everything ready before you leave to avoid any troubles when you reach your country of destination. Here are some tips to follow to help you prepare for your journey overseas.

  • Always make sure you have all your personal identification documents with you at all times and in an easy place so that you don’t waste time always looking for them! Obviously your main document will be your passport and you can’t leave your country or enter another country without this, so always ensure this is in a safe, secure place at all times. You should also ensure you have with you all relevant visas and other details so that when you enter the country you are travelling to you don’t face any other hassles upon reaching the country.
  • Make copies of your birth certificate as well as all your children’s before leaving. This is always a great idea in case of an emergency overseas that may see you requiring another passport or if you are married and were born with a different name. It never pays to be over safe with all your documents and you never know what may occur when you travel overseas.
  • If you have immunisation papers you should make sure you have these with you at all times also and that you have plenty of copies of them. Some countries require you to be properly vaccinated before entering their borders so make sure you have these with you at all times also.
  • If you aren’t the parent of the children you are travelling with you should have parental permission papers with you as some countries require this upon your entry. Even if you are unsure, bring them with you just in case.
  • Make sure your credit cards are kept secure and only keep as many as you need. You probably won’t need 20 different types when you are overseas and you can easily get confused as to which ones you need and which ones you don’t.
  • Empty out your wallet or purse before you leave to take out all unessential items such as library and video cards and other reward cards that you can’t use abroad. This will save you space in your wallet and make things easier when you are overseas.
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