BEST Weekend Tour From Kolkata

BEST Weekend Tour From Kolkata

Weekend Tour from Kolkata

Weekend Tour From Kolkata

Weekend Tour From Kolkata:-  Best amazing weekend tour from kolkata. Now a days we are very busy in our daily life. So weekend tour is always refreshing our mind. 2 or 3 days
short weekend tour is best option for relax our mind and health. Near by kolkata a lot of options to visit for tour within 200 km


1. Bawali Firm House

Bawali farmhouse is very close to kolkata. Distane from kolkata is 25 km. The farmhouse is very nice. Bawali is the place to curl up with a book or to seat on the farmhouse balcony overlooking the green paddy fields and ponds or going for long village walks. in the evening you enjoy camp
fire with your friends and family. foods are awesome, pure authentic bengali food available here.tree house, children ground, activity room, fishing are extra attractions. You visit anytime here. for room booking u can contact here

 2. Bawali Rajbari

Bawali Rajbari are also very close to kolkata. It is located in 24 pgs south. distance from kolkata is 30km.  History books tell us that mondals of bawali were originally Roys. later was awarded the title Mondal.  this rajbari is very old. now a days bawali rajbari open for tourist . you can stay here. but room rent is costly. you can enjoy life style here like maharaja. foods are also here awesome. For room booking you can visit this website

address :

Village & P.O. North Bawali 24 Parganas (South), Kolkata 700137

3. Sunderban

Kolkata to sunderban distance is 110 km. sunderban is the thickest mangrove forest in the world and the largest delta of world. Sunderban is the house of royal bengal tiger. the sunderbans mangrove forest cover area of about 3900 sq meter. You spend 2 days here watch the wildlife and night in boat or hotel as your choice along the Matla river. Best time to visit here october to march.

4. Bishnupur

Bishnupur is a small town in the bankura district of west bengal. Distance from kolkata is 150 km. This town famous for teracotta temples and baluchari sarees. Bishnupur is famous among tourists especially for its rich culture including architecture and handicraft. bishnupur weather is very pleasant . you can visit any time. 

  • Nearest Attraction

1. Rasmancha

2. Jorebangla Temple

3. Madan Mohan Temple

4. Radhya Shyam Temple

5. Dal Madol


5. Joypur Forest

Joypur Forest also close to kolkata. Distance from kolkata is 130 km. Joypur forest is thickly forest stippled with skyscraping Sal, Palash, Kusum, Mahua, Neem and Teak trees, which does not allow the daring sunlight to touch the bottom at some places. Staying in an dense forest noticed deer crossing the lush jungle path. if you are lucky you also see elephant. A resort cum farmhouse  near the forest Banalata resort is best accommodation.Resort Banalata’ is situated beside Joypur Jungle with lots of facilities and natural sceneries. you can book room here


6. Baronti

Baronti Is a small village of Purulia. It is a small, quite and scenic place. Distance From kolkata is 250 km. it is well connected to kolkata by road. Nearest railway station is Muradi railway Station. Baranti is 6 km from Muradi railway station on the Adra-Asansol line. You can hire an auto-rickshaw or a trekker at the railway station. If you are in need of some peace of mind, this place is for you. The greenery and serenity of the place will calm your soul. The greenery is  major attraction.  Sitting by the lake you can watch sunrise and sunset.You can spend whole day by just relaxing. Resorts and hotel available near the lake. Its an ideal place for a weekend tour from kolkata. Best time to visit here October to april. palash flower can be found till march middle.

  • Nearest Attraction

1. Garpanchkot 22 km from baranti

2. Panchet dam 23 km from baronti

3. Jaychindi Hill 30 km from baronti

4. Biharinath Hill 20km from baronti

5.Sushunia Hill 35 km from baronti

6. Maithon 32 km from baronti

7. Ajodhya Hills

Ajodhya Hills is a small plateau with hilly surrounding located in the purulia district. It is located about 270 km from kolkata. Nearest Railway Station is Adra. purulia is well conneted to kolkata by road also. Regular bus service is available from kolkata. Ajodhya hills are part of dalma Mountain range. Legend has it that Lord Rama and Sita had stayed in Ajodhya Hills during their exile. Ajodhya Hills is great spot for trekking in the deep forest. Ajodhya hills is a great tour for bird watching, rock climbing, wildlife and experience local tribal  culture. 

There are several lodges and hotels at Ayodhya Hills. Hotels for every budget. 

  • Nearest Attraction

1. Pathar khadaan

2. Bamni Falls

3. Turga Falls

4. Upper and Lower Dam

5. Pakhi pahar

6. Mayur Hills

7. Murguma Dam and Lake

8. Deulghata Temple

8. Mukutmanipur

Mukutmani pur is a town of Bankura distict. Distanance from kolkata is 210 km. Mukutmanipur is one of most beautiful place of bankura. Mukutmanipur is located at the confluence of the Kangsabati and kumari rivers close to the Jharkand border. Mukutmanipur Dam is the largest earth water reservoir in india. Mukutmanipur is famous for Dam nice views. it is also famous for picnic spot. 

There are many hotels, goverment houses, youth hostel, Lodges. For WBFDC room booking you can visit this website 

9. Jhilimili

Jhilimili in Bankura District of west Bengal. It is a Beautiful tourist place. Jhilimili is also known as Darjeeling of west bengal. From ranibandh to jhilimili is spectacular with dense forest of both sides of road. Jhilimili is one of the major tourist attractions because of the serenity. This unique tourist attraction is covered by micaceous soil that accentuates the beauty of this place. In Jhilimili you are greeted by panoramic views of the beauty of this place.

jhilimili is best enjoyed during the winter months of october to february. 

For stay you book Rimil Lodge Hotel. Very good hotel. foods are also awesome. For Rimil Lodge Hotel Booking you contact Here

  • Nearest attraction

1. Talbera Lake – 8Km

2. Sutan Forest- 25 Km

3. Jamuna Bridge and park- 8 km

4. Laljial Hill and Forest- 18 km

5. Kankrajhor Hill- 25 km

6. Duarsini Eco Tourism 33 km

7. Khudiram hidden cave- 22km

8.Mountain valu and Raja Rani- 28 km

9. Valu Dam- 25 km

10. Mayur jharna Forest- 20km

11. Khandarani Lake- 21 km

12. 12 mile Forest view point- 15 km

10. Digha

Digha is a town that is situated in the District of East Midnapore. It Distance from kolkata is 180 km. Digha is well connected by train and road to kolkata. Digha has been a great weekend gateway for residents of kolkata.  it is a popular beach in west bengal. The entire stretch of the digha beach is lined with casuarina tress and the whole area is extremely scenic. This Beach truly exudes romance at every step.  Digha is a great place to enjoy an evening on the beach. Digha beach is flat and is considered to be one of the widest in the world. it becomes suitable for beach lovers activities like swimming and motor boating. 

  • Nearest Attractions

1. Junput

2. Shankorpur

3. Talsari

4. Marine Aquarium

5. Science city

6. Mandarmani

7. Amarabati Park

8. Udoypur beach

9. Mohana

10. Tajpur

11. Mousuni Island

Mousuni Island is a beautiful Island near namkhana closed to kolkata. this is a offbeat location. One can enjoy the private beach space and relax throughout the day. Peaceful and scenic white sand beach with excellent view of sunset. Its beauty lies in the confluence of the sea with the river. For staying tent or camp available. Tents are clean and well maintained. Foods are average but organic. and fresh. You can enjoy fishing, cycling, volleyball. here. For tent Booking you can contact HERE

How To Reach

Reach Namkhana by bus or train.

Take one motor van to ferry ghat.

Cross the Hatania Dotania river by boat.
Take Tata Magic and reach Bagdanga kheya ghat.

Cross Chinai river and reach Bagdanga by boat. From Bagdanga, Motor van and Toto available.


12. Bakkhali

Bakkhali has located 135 km from kolkata.  It is well connected by road and train to kolkata. It is 25 km away from namkhana railway station. Bakkhali Beach is the rare ones in the world that offer great views for sunrise and sunset. It is a hard beach so you can try cycling or even driving. This beach is not crowded. You can take long walks to enjoy with your partner. Bakkhali has a very natural beauty. Spending two days in Bkkhali  you enjoy a lot and feeling warm because that place till now not over crowded  like other beaches. 

  • Nearest attraction

1. Henry Island

2. Watch Tower

3. Crocodile Park

4. Faserganj

5. Jammu Island

13. Murshidabad

Murshidabad is located 230 km away from kolkata. It is well connected by road and train. Local and express trains are available from sealdah station. Regular bus also available from Esplande. Murshidabad is a district of West Bengal. In the Mughal time it was the capital of Bengal. It is a  rich historical place.  Murshidabad is the historic grounds where famous Battle Of Plassey was faught Between siraj Ud Daula and Robert Clive of East india Company. This district is very popular for mango cultivation like Ranipasand, Begum Pasand, Shadulla, sharanga, Kohitur etc. Accommodation in Murshidabad near Hazar Duari available many hotels and tourist lodges.

  • Nearest Attraction

1. Hazarduari Place

2. Nizmat Imbambara

3. Footi Mosque

4. Wasif Manzil

5. Moti Jheel

6. Madina

7. Khosh Bagh

8. Belampore Market

9. Murshidabad District Museum

10. Kath Gola

11. Katra Mosque

12. Nasirpur Palace

13. Jahan Kosha Cannon

14. Jafargang Cemetery

14. Gangani

Gangani is the Grand Canyon Of Bengal. It located in the small town of Garbeta in district Midnapore. Garbeta is well connected  by road and train. From Howrah station Rupasi Bangla or Purulia express  to reach Garbeta Station. From Garbeta autorikshaw available to reach Gangani field. Buses also available from howrah and esplande. Gangani canyon was created naturally due to soil erosion with the help of water and wind. The view of Silabati river from the top canyon very beautiful. you can enjoy the beauty of the nature. on the both side of roads surrounded by nut trees, arjun tress.  Best time to visit here november to February. There are few budget hotel near Garbeta bus stand.

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