Western India Tourism Tips

Right from the Sahyadri hills to the Konkan coast and the Rann of Kutch on the extremity to inward draw of beautiful cities of Nasik, Nagpur among others, Western India is a pendulum in complete equilibrium. It binds the virtues of nature; fauna, flora with the current of modernism and its concrete avatars so well that visitors to this part of India are flummoxed for expression. Partly its awe, partly it’s a sense of revelation and also partly is an expression for which they cannot find words. Western India is marked by its biggest state Maharashtra. It also houses the dream capital of the country Mumbai where dreams are baptized between the stretches of Walkeshwar and Nariman point better known as Juhu beach and also in the plush quarters of Andheri or the slum beats of Dharavi.

For tourists, moving through Mumbai is like knowing a galaxy in proceeding; it recedes as much as it advances in human memory. The city houses the biggest architectural pulpits, the scene of its art and cinema, the chemistry of its labor force and the sweet determination of its plus billion men. Walk out of the city towards the west and the Arabian Sea beautifully encompasses you with its stretch. The Rann of Kutch is festooned with many live points of traveling. The water turns fuchsia from turquoise and you know where the Arabian Sea starts weaving its magic. The Kutch is also route to adjoining Rajasthan and it is where you get the taste of its desert stretch towards the north.

Nasik is blessed with a hill station like atmosphere and it’s strategically located too. It has a beeline of temple devoted to the many deities of India. Many of the temples are a tribute to its great quality of design and architecture. While visiting Western India, you will face maritime climate that is naturally modulated towards moderation. The Arabian Sea effect is such that winters are cool and summers are warm. The scorching hot and incorrigibly cold are out of the vocabulary of western India. Yes, when you move up the Western Ghats a little cold seeps in and that too during the evening time in winter months.

You must carry lots of ultraviolet ray protection cream as the sun can be a little tyrant. Not that it affects the orientation but it is safer this way. Also, a lot of fluid is required as humidity can be a little high in few parts that are adjoined by the sea. It is nice not to experiment with transport prior to gaining full knowledge of the city. The guides can look to run above the sticker but comparison of quotes from various places help a lot in solving this issue.

There is a lot that you can learn through comparison from various touts. Hotels are cheap as well as pricey. The sticker is varied and there are many budget hotels in the offing which provide more than decent fare for the price you put in. The staff force is pretty hospitable and the western people are known to be armed with an affection that makes people weaponless in no time.

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